Nichola Fletcher

Commission your perfect Jewel

Nichola is a freelance designer, mainly of jewellery but also of other things made of precious metals, for example, replicas for museums or the film industry. She often combines non-precious materials such as exotic woods or meteorite with precious stones, gold and silver. Nichola works closely with each customer, sometimes using old pieces the customer has brought, and designing a very special piece for them.


Working closely with her clients, Nichola encourages a two-way involvement in the design process which many find an enriching experience. Some clients know what they want, others have no idea at all but want something made for a special occasion. No two designs are the same; each one is a unique custom-made piece.




Nichola’s work concentrates on inlay with its interplay of colour and surface finishes.

Precious and semi precious stones, gold, silver and minerals are inlaid into different materials. As well as jewellery, she makes boxes, spoons and other silverware commissioned by private collectors. She occasionally makes models and replicas for museums.

Public collections containing Nichola's jewellery include the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, The Scottish Craft Collection, Edinburgh, The Royal Scottish Museum, Edinburgh, Glasgow Museums and Art Galleries, and replicas can be seen in Edinburgh Castle and several historic visitor centres in the UK and Ireland.

In this video Nichola explains how she works with her clients to create her designs. Below that are links to examples of her work. No two pieces are the same.



Nichola’s pieces are made of precious metals and stones inlaid into of lighter materials, so her designs are bold and sometimes large without being too heavy.

Brooches & EARRINGS

Because Nichola works with inlays, her brooches are also quite large and bold, suitable for men or women. As well as the gallery of examples she has made for clients, here is a short video explaining how she designed this inlaid meteorite brooch.



Nichola makes unique one-off rings for her clients. Sometimes they incorporate stones or metal from family pieces, making a highly personal ring designed especially for each person.

Jewels For Men

There are many more types of jewels for men than you may think. Bracelets, kilt pins, cufflinks, bold lapel brooches, rings and more. Nichola would like to see more men wearing her pieces.

Here are two short videos showing how she designed a bracelet and a kilt pin.


Extra-Ordinary Pieces & Boxes

These pieces include trophies, boxes, commemorative pieces, spoons and other items. The video below shows her designing a ‘house jewel’ for some American clients.


 Museum Pieces

These include commissions from the Kelvingrove Art Gallery in Glasgow, Angus Pictish Museum and the Honours of Scotland exhibition at Edinburgh Castle.

 Please note - all pieces shown above are not for sale.
Nichola only works to commission and these pieces are shown as examples of work that she has produced for clients. All these pieces were made for individual customers and are in either private or public collections.

All pieces shown here are copyright© of Nichola Fletcher, 2017